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with Michela Capriccioni


When it comes to finding new, unappreciated or niche talents and to giving space to whom has no space in the music world, here goes “Vibrazioni”, a program hosted by Michela Capriccioni that has the mission to highlight emerging Italian artists who want to get ahead and spread their music message through the radio. Vibrazioni gives a voice to all the artists without any differentiation of age, gender, language and music style with only one essential requirement: an Italian background/nationality.

Vibrazioni airs every Tuesday from 14:30 – 18:00.  


A journey through emotions, notes, life experience and soul vibrations, Vibrazioni is not just that but it offers much more such as introducing and giving voice to all musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, performers and it also proposes music educational columns, curiosity about contemporary and all time songs leaving nobody out but always with a particular focus on those “quiet”, “neglected” and also “underrated” music artists.


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