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Domenica Sport & Tutto Sport

with Vincenzo Papandrea & Cristian Carlucci Togna

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There are currently two programs on Radio Italia Uno dedicated to everything sport, conducted by longtime radio programmer Vincenzo Papandrea and current collaborator  Cristian Carlucci Togna, a great soccer fan and an observer of a myriad of details and qualities that elevate him to an expert in soccer.

Tutto Sport (Everything Sport) and Domenica Sport (Sunday Sport), respectively, see the participation of external collaborators Diego Pellegrini and Davide Simoni

Diego and Davide are true devotees to the sport, Diego has played soccer on a professional level for Serie A and Serie B and is currently the coach and founder of the Eastern United soccer team, as well as the founder and director of a soccer academy. Davide is a coach with Lega Pro accreditation and has coached players in Italy who are playing or have played in Serie A.


Radio Italia Uno is proud to have these two commentators enrich our sport programs and if you too would like to hear what they have to say, Tutto Sport airs every Monday from 7.30 to 9.30 and Domenica Sport airs every Sunday from 8.30 to 10.30.

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