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Marta Markowska

Sales & Marketing Manager

Marta is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Radio Italia Uno.  

After completing a Master in Mass Media at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome (Italy) in 2003, she worked for RAI News 24 TV Channel, Radio & Press Agency AMISnet, RTR Rieti Television, Tele Pace Television, Gold TV and many more.

Marta moved to Adelaide in  2006. Here, following her passion for Community Radio she undertook work for Radio Italiana 531.


After so many years being involved in Mass Media, she developed passion for sales: "I was surprised at how being a Radio Presenter and Sales Manager I had a very close mission and how seamlessly I could transition from one to the other. Also, with experience in running marketing and planning events I had a firm understanding of the many hats that Marketing Directors wear on a daily basis".


As well as working part-time here at the radio, she is an experienced Journalist, Radio, TV Presenter and qualified High School Teacher. In 2014 she completed her second Master in Teaching at university UniSA. Marta loves languages, she speaks fluently Polish, Italian, English and has also studied German and Russian. She is a qualified High school Teacher, teaching Italina and English as a second language.


In 2018, the opportunity came up to be a TV Presenter once again. Currently she collaborates with TV Productions, which supplies RAI ITALIA with TV programs for "Italia con Voi".

She hosts a Breakfast Show on Radio Italia Uno 87.6FM every Tuesday from 7 to 9 am.

Her biggest passion is Italian language and culture. She loves the vibrancy and diversity of mass media and her life.



Marta works at the Radio Mon-Wed 8.00-16.00


To get in touch:

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