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Michela Capriccioni

Programmer, Social Committee


Michela is an Italian singer and actress. She moved to Australia in 2015 from Italy to explore new horizons following her passion and love for music and theatre. She has a diploma as Theatrical Educator with many years work experience in the field of teaching, education and phonetics. She is a qualified Elocutionist of Italian Language with years of experience in teaching. Michela is also an eclectic
theatrical actress and director. In Italy she used to work as Singing and Acting Teacher and also as radio and TV host. 

She has been singing since she was ten years old and she has had a long singing and acting career in
Italy working with some of the country's most famous musicians and producers. She now lives in Adelaide, where the Musician and Composer Quentin Eyers was quick to recognise her talent, and has teamed up with
her to form the acoustic duo “Soulissimo”. In Australia she also sings jingles for radio and TV commercials in Italian and in English for the italian radio and australian television.
In Australia she has also worked as director and actress for the theatrical piece “Una donna allo specchio” produced by Angela De Marco for which she also translated the script from English to Italian. In fact, Michela
effectively works as translator for an Adelaide based company to make the most of her Degree in Linguistic Mediation.
She collaborates with the Italian “Radio Italia Uno”, the radio for the Italian community, since she moved to Australia. Her primary passion is MUSIC. She loves to sing in English, Spanish and French but she also
proposes an Italian repertoire with classics and contemporary songs.
Michela's unique voice is irresistibly rich, warm and heartfelt!

Michela currently hosts Vibrazioni which airs every Tuesday from 16.30 to 18.00

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