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Tasty Tuesday

with Alex De Blasio & Vanessa

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Tasty Tuesdays came about to introduce a program targeted to young people.  Alex says it really took off with the addition of current partner in crime Vanessa, who had never been on the radio before but turned out to be the perfect co-host. In May this year, Tasty Tuesdays will hit its third year on air! 


The show is  95% in English, with some occasional Italian and Abruzzese dialect.  Alex & Vanessa's focus is music (from the latest hits to a few classics and everything in between),

discussions (always discussing what’s going on in the world, music industry, history, mental health etc) weather, and news and sports highlights. The show’s name was originally a joke that stuck, so for name sake there is also a food segment!

This program currently airs on Tuesday nights from 18:30 – 19:30 Due to commitments and schedule changes the program times vary slightly.  


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